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Surfing Day Tour In Luanda

Surfing Day Tour In Luanda Packages
Country: Angola
City: Luanda
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Surfing

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Angola is located in the west of Africa and has a very rich coast, more than 1500 kilometers long and much to explore and discover. Angola presents itself as a true virgin paradise for surfing and adventure.

Some point to the West African coast as the premium destination for surfers in the next decade, so the best thing to do is to explore this gift with a virtually nonexistent crowd. With only about 20 surf spots known on such a long coastline, everything is said about the potential for exploration that exists here.

Due to their exposure, left-wing point breaks dominate here. The most famous is Cabo Ledo, a world-class wave, which has already been dubbed “kilometer” and which helped the country to become known internationally.


Located in a tropical zone, Angola has its own climatic characteristics, dividing into two seasons: the rainy season, between September to April, and the dry season, also known as Cacimbo, which is ideal for surfing. The cold Benguela current, the inland relief, the proximity to the sea and the Namibe desert influence this situation, creating different climates in different parts of the country. The coast is relatively humid, with the rain being more intense to the north than to the south, where a more arid climate is felt. The average temperature is around 23 degrees.


September and April: rainy season, humid and hot;

May to August: dry season, also known as cacimbo and characterized by cold.


The best surfing season in Angola takes place from June, with the beginning of Cacimbo, a dry and winter season, and can last until mid-October. This is a period of great consistency, where the temperature, of air and water, drops a little. It is practically unlikely to catch a flat day at this time of year.

Cabo Ledo

It is the epicenter of Angolan surf. It has a left that can be kilometer in its days of exception and that gives to any type of surfer, because it is a safe wave. Located in the province of Bengo, where other quality waves are found, Cabo Ledo already has infrastructures developed to welcome those who visit the region.

Located about 120 km south of Luanda, Cabo Ledo beach is a must-see spot for surf professionals and surf lovers.

Depart from Luanda at 07h00 in the direction of Cabo Ledo beach. A wonderful place to surf near Luanda.

On the way, we will stop at the Slavery museum for a short visit where you can be aware of the slavery history in Angola.

After this visit, we will continue our trip in the direction of Miradouro da Lua, also known as the “Valley of the Moon”. Here you can take the opportunity to take some beautiful pictures.

Depart to Cabo Ledo beach, via Barra do Kwanza.

Full day at the beach to enjoy the weaves.

Lunch in a beach restaurant where you can enjoy delicious local lobsters

At 1700 hrs we will start our return to Luanda.

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