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Cabo Ledo

Luanda, Angola

Cabo Ledo is a cape that forms a wide cove located in the province of Luanda, in the heart of Quissama National Park, in Angola. Nearby is the town and commune of Cabo ledo, which belongs to the municipality of Quissama.

120 km south of the city of Luanda, the amplitude of the clear water beaches of Cabo Ledo, the beauty of the immense cliffs surrounding an extensive strip of white sand make this a stunning place, also conducive to fishing and surfing.

Cabo Ledo also has an invaluable historical value, since in 1648 the fleet landed here, which came from Brazil and recovered Angola for Portuguese domination, after seven years under Dutch domination.

The small fishing village with the same name, has the most popular surf spot in the country, where some competitions have already been rehearsed. It has become one of the most important tourist areas in Angola, offering first-class accommodation and an endless number of adventures at the disposal of those who visit it.

If the long and dazzling left of Cabo Ledo is the ex-libris of the place, the wide beaches, with clear water and white sands, and a sunrise that makes magic more than 200 days a year, are characteristics with which any tourist will delight.

From there you can visit several interesting points such as Barra do Kwanza, where you can go on boat trips, Visit the National Park of Kissama where you can observe various species of animals, such as Elephants, giraffes and an endless variety of birds, the Sanctuary of Muxima , one of the places with the largest number of pilgrims in Africa, among others.

The place has several accommodations, specifically lodges in front of the beach with a high quality where you can enjoy some wonderful days of rest next to the beach.

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