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Curoca Hills

Mo├žamedes, Angola

Colinas do Curoca, or Valley of the spirits as it is also known, it is a quiet and isolated place between the cities of Namibe and Tombwa. One of the most inspiring places to photograph in Namibe province.

To get to this place you will have to travel from Luana to the capital of the Province of Namibe, Moçamedes, and from there take a trip of about 1h30 hours in a 4x4 vehicle, as most of the route is done on a sandy road.

Is in the Namibe desert on the way to the Yona National Park. It is impressive the beauty not only of the place but also of the way to get there.

The beauty and grandeur of the place is impressive, and its tourist importance is a must for the province of Namibe.

The giant towers sculpted by nature, vary up to 25 meters in height. Carved for centuries by the action of the winds, the rocky monuments color the region in beautiful red tones and produce gigantic remains on the desert floor.

It is fascinating to see the shapes that nature has sculpted on these rocks, some of them have cuts so linear that it seems that they were cut with some type of equipment for the purpose.

In past times, these valleys served as hiding places for the local inhabitants, when in the presence of invaders. The sounds produced by the winds in that place and the songs sung by these peoples, as well as the practice of beliefs and rituals, kept enemies away.

It is a tradition that before visiting this place you have to ask permission from the chief of the village, Soba. It is also a tradition to make some offers, such as essential food items, sugar, flour and oil, among others.

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