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Currency Museum

Luanda, Angola

The new Currency Museum is located next to Luanda Bay, in the heart of downtown Luanda, at Praça Major Saidy Mingas, next to the charismatic building of the National Bank of Angola.

The program was a pretext for two fundamental interventions. On the one hand, the museum equipment below the land line was anchored, more reserved and quiet. On the other hand, on the surface, a new urban square was established that announces the Museum and allows, at the same time, the celebration of public space, somehow contaminated by the new marginal of the bay.

With about 4,800 m², the Museum reveals itself in the irregular stereotomy generated by excavation, with the entrance doubly announced in the just insertion of the void of the stairs and, from this, in the irruption of the metallic shading covers that deliver urban scale and acclimatize. stays. It includes two exhibition areas (permanent and temporary), complemented by public areas with an auditorium to support didactic and pedagogical activities.

The Museum's stone plaza generates a subtle topography justified by the bay and the surrounding surroundings, designing accommodation, routes and equipment, and redesigning its own centrality aimed at public space open to the city and collective life.

Unique in its vocation, this museum displays the numismatic and notafilia collections of the National Bank of Angola, there are some framing objects and audiovisual devices available that better enlighten visitors about our past. This brief script is intended to support the interpretation of the themes that make up the museum's narrative.

The museography is based on thematic groups that focus on pre-monetary and other means of payment, stories of singular currencies, the iconography of money, the evolution of banking, illustrations of banknotes, security elements and personal testimonies about the role of money life of the Angolan citizen.

From Zimbo to Kwanza, passing through Sal, Cobre and Sisal, including Kings, Angolar and Escudo, it is the History of Angola, from the Kongo Kingdom to the present Republic, gathered in a permanent exhibition space, with other predicates, in addition to the architectural beauty and the gems displayed there.

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