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Huila Waterfall

Lubango, Angola

Huila Waterfalls

The European presence in the region began in 1627, following a Portuguese-Spanish expedition from the city of Mocamedes to the Huíla plateau, reaching the Serra da Chela, from where it was possible to see a vast valley dominated by the Soba Calubango, in the country of Humbi-Onene.

The current city of Lubango is located in a territory that was, until the end of the 19th century, in the area of influence of the Soba do Lubango, whose ombala was located in the urban district currently known as Munhino.

The natural characteristics of Huíla and, in particular, its rugged relief generate spectacular and pleasant waterfalls between mountains and abundant vegetation, whose water that falls from a considerable height, forms natural and crystalline pools.

These waterfalls of living water are another of the natural wonders of the province, they are like a hidden treasure where you can only reach the right way.

Ideal places for picnics, walks and swimming, an intense contact with Nature and with all the elements that compose it ...

Among hundreds of similar formations in the province, the most important are the Cascatas da Estação Zootécnica, Cascata da Leba, Lagoa do Tchivinguiro, and Ondimba Caves, in the municipality of Humpata, Cascata de Hunguéria in the municipality of Chibia, the cascade da Huíla in the municipality of Lubango and the Quipungo lagoon in the municipality of the same name.

Huíla Waterfall is located in the Commune of Huíla 20 km from the Municipality of Lubango. It has leafy trees of old age that constitute a small garden where people flock in search of leisure. It is a landscape area of tourist interest that must be conserved and preserved by all who visit it, in order to serve the enjoyment of present and future generations.

A perfect place for an encounter with nature.

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