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The Sassa Caves

Sumbe, Angola

The province of Kwanza Sul is located just south of Luanda, making it easy to visit. But those who think that this is the only reason they should visit her are mistaken. On the contrary, it presents great places for tourism.

One of these places is that of the Sassa Caves, which have great natural beauty, in addition to their own history.

Kwanza Sul, or Cuanza Sul, as it is also known, is a province of Angola, whose capital is the city of Sumbe. This region is located in a region close to the center of the country.

According to the estimates of the National Institute of Statistics of Angola, the population in the province is just over 2 million inhabitants. Regarding its area, it is about 55 thousand km².

As such, Kwanza Sul is one of the five most populous provinces in the country. Its history of settlement, moreover, began mainly from the 18th century from the mouth of the Cambongo-Negunza River.

With regard to its limits, this region is located next to the provinces of Luanda, Malange, Cuanza Norte (to the north and northeast), Hambo, Bié (to the southeast) and Benguela (to the south), in addition to the Atlantic Ocean, which is to the west.

For tourism, on the other hand, there is also a good potential in the region. As it is relatively close to the capital Luanda, for example, it ends up not being one of the most difficult regions to visit in the country - on the contrary, by the way.

In fact, as you will see in this publication, there is a wealth of culture and natural beauty. With regard to landscapes, the highlight goes to the Sassa Caves; in culture, there are fortifications and rock cultures of great historical value.

Well, specifically about the Sassa Caves, they are one of the great highlights of Kwanza Sul, and for that reason tourists should not miss visiting them. In fact, they are recognized as one of the 7 wonders of Angola.

These caves are relatively close to the capital Sumbe, being just 3 km east of it. So, it is close and easy to find, and it is also a good choice for this.

They have not only a natural and environmental value, but also a historical one. This is because it was in them that, in the past, some people found refuge, mainly in the escape from paying taxes.

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