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The Waterfalls Of Binga

Sumbe, Angola

A few kilometers from Sumbe and the famous warm waters of Conda, As Cachoeiras do Binga, a set of waterfalls, more or less flowing according to the time of year, are one of the most visited tourist attractions in Kwanza-Sul.

The setting is idyllic. Imagine a river that winds through the lands of Porto Amboim and Sumbe, sometimes very close to the road that arrives from the capital.

Beside the great tripping of water, small softer falls and perfect for bathing adorn the main waterfall painted in green frame. Luxurious, in these parts. When taking a stroll through the low and high areas of the waterfall, you can see the palm trees that line the river, tops and branches that shake with the crash and foam. On its already calm banks, the gentle river feits small sands where you can rest peacefully, with the main waterfall as a backdrop.

And giving the place an even more picturesque look, an old stone bridge at the head of the Binga. Built in 1944, and in the meantime deactivated, it crosses the Keve for almost 50 meters. Fantastic setting, where there is no shortage of “Parque das Cachoeiras”, an elevated space where you can see the whole set of waterfalls, and where you can have a picnic on the tables installed there.

These waterfalls have always been a crossing point for people attracted by the noise of the waters. Hunters and farmers. The sobas say that the occupation of the place took place at the beginning of the last century, when it began to build such a bridge that gives a special touch to Binga's photography. Soba Oliveira Kulembe told during the presentation of the “Historical Profile of Cachoeiras do Binga”, in 2013, that in 1933, the ex-prisoner Carlos Kandenga was responsible for overseeing the construction site. The “ferocious animals” that hovered around forced him to sleep on top of the baobab tree that exists next to the bridge. With his wife and other family members, who came from Kibala, they were the first to make waterfalls their home.

The population was growing. The region gave way to the municipality of Conda, where there is a fantastic park where “hot water” springs up, perfect for those who like to camp to the sound of the bubbling thermal waters.

The proximity of Cachoeiras do Binga to the EN100, which connects Luanda to Lobito, makes them a perfect place for a short getaway. The falls are added to a long list of natural points in the region, a must-visit, such as Lagoa da Kamoma and, of course, the beaches of Porto Amboim and Sumbe.

Under the spurts of water from the waterfalls, relax. It is free and natural session of hydrotherapy in a perfect setting. While waiting for you, Cachoeiras do Binga continues to stir Keve, with a good smell of Gabela's coffee diluted in the whirlwind.

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