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Exploring Cabinda Tour

Exploring Cabinda Tour Packages
Country: Angola
City: Cabinda
Duration: 3 Day(s) - 2 Night(s)
Tour Category: Nature Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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The Cabinda enclave is one of the 18 Angolan provinces and it's embedded in the Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa) and the Congo (Brazzaville). Cabinda is known by the Oil exploration, the main oils companies of the world are here, but also has one of the largest forests on the African continent, the Maiombe forest, and is known for its rich biodiversity. It is the second-largest rainforest of its kind in the world and extends across Angola, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Gabon.

Day 1: Departure from Luanda by Air to Cabinda Earlier in the Morning.

Departure from Luanda by air to Cabinda earlier in the morning.

After arrival, we will make a small city tour and have an earlier lunch in a local restaurant.

Departure to Landana Swamp, a genuinely nice place for bird watchers. Several kinds of birds can be watched. Flamingos and pelicans can also be watched.

On the return to Cabinda, we will stop at the Historical landmark of the Treaty of Simulambuco - about 5 km north of the city of Cabinda. The Treaty was signed on February 1, 1885, between the princes of Cabinda and the crown of Portugal, represented by the commander of the corvette "Rainha de Portugal", Guilherme Augusto de Brito Capello.

The treaty placed the enclave under the Portuguese protectorate. To symbolize the agreement, the signatory natives of the treaty planted a tree, in the local language called Nsanda, which still exists today. In 1956, a concrete pattern was built there.

Day 2: Maiombe Forest

We will depart earlier in the morning to meet the famous Maiombe forest, a large, protected area located on the northern border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. This great tropical forest is one of the largest in the African continent, covering an area of 290,000 hectares. Visitors are always impressed by the lush green landscape, the thick woodlands, and the diverse and thriving ecosystem. If we have lucky, we can see some Gorillas, chimpanzees, and elephants.

A light lunch will be served on the way.

At the end of the afternoon return to Cabinda.

Day 3: Departure

Departure to Luanda

Note: Part of this itinerary may be conditioned by atmospheric conditions

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